Today marks the day that the most amazing person I know was brought into this world—- my father! I am so blessed to have been raised by such a strong individual. In honor of his birth, I’d like to share some wisdom that I have learned from him throughout my life.

I love you Dad. Happy Birthday!!!

Wisdom from my Dad

-Hugs are the greatest expression, gift, and measure of emotion. Give them a lot and hold on tightly!!
-Follow your heart.
-Choose a path in life that will make you happy, not for the money. You spend 8 hours or more a day at work, and you dont want to spend the majority of your day unhappy. Choose something that makes you happy!
-Work hard, play hard.
-You can sleep when you die 🙂
-“Thats why they dont paint all the cars the same color” – his response to any question about any differences I had as a kid haha.
-Its ok to cry (even guys cry too)
-Give everything you can to those you love
-Follow your dreams.
-Take chances.
-Be confident and happy with who you are.
-Try your hardest, thats what counts.
-Home is ALWAYS there for you.
-If you love someone, TELL THEM.
-Education and hard work is what will get you through life.
-Above everything, be happy.