When I started this blog, the thought never crossed my mind that other individuals that I did not know personally would enjoy what I was writing. The responses I have received has been astounding!  I have been writing poetry since I was in middle school (now 24) and it has always been a way to express myself and guide me through what is running through my heart. Each poem that I post is a mirror into what I am feeling and my innermost thoughts and its a pleasure that so many individuals have enjoyed my words.

I would like to thank Rana Armoush for nominating me for my first blogger award on her post:  The Versatile Blogger Award!.

So, according to What is the Versatile Blogger Award? it is now my duty to tell you all 7 things about myself and to nominate 15 other individuals for this same award.

1. I am a graduate student.
2. I am a lover of other languages and cultures.
3. I love to travel and would like to have visited every country before I die.
4. I can thank my childhood (all the way up to 18) for my passion in writing. I can not begin to count how many books I have read in my life so far. I am quite sure it must be over 1,500 already…I wish I knew how many exactly, but I have no idea.
5. I am obsessed with India. (yah, its different…i know haha)
6. I always have my camera with me and am known within my circle of friends of always being the one to “document” everything.
7. I am a romantic. ♥

And now, I nominate:
1. Rana Armoush – For nominating me in the first place! I have really enjoyed each piece of poetry that you have posted.
2. dushyants– Your writing is always oh so cryptic, but you know I love reading everything you post 😉 😉
3. likethesunshone – Your poetry is always a pleasure to read! Also, you have the nicest things to say about other poetry and I appreciate every comment you have given 🙂
4.  http://getawayzzz.wordpress.com/ -Your posts are hilarious and insightful for young women.
5. crusnik911 – Your poetry has so much emotion in it! Each time I read what you write, I can feel the emotion pouring from the words 🙂
6. Carolalala – I really enjoy your poetry. I can relate to the words you transcribe on your blog. Thanks for sharing them.
7. Dehypnotize  – Your posts are also oh so interesting.
8. Somewhere Nowhere In My Kingdom – Your poetry is great!
9. latintademiespada –  Me encanta tu poesía…and a plus that its in spanish! jeje
11. poeticjourney251  – Insightful poetry!
12. http://terri0729.wordpress.com/ – Great poetry! So far, my favorite is worlds apart.
13. LSCOTT POETRY – I know you have won numerous awards, but I really do enjoy reading your poetry!
14. http://tracilee.wordpress.com/ – I LOVED “Dear Me: A Letter to my 16 Year Old Self”.
15. Adult Satires – I just recently came across your blog after you posted a comment on one of my post, but you are funny and I had a good time reading what you had to post and that you say whatever you feel you need to say.


Thank you to everyone for posting their writing for the world to see.