It’s been about 12 hours since I step foot in Istanbul, Turkey and already I have experienced so many things. The journey from the airport to the hotel via numerous trains was a wonderful challenge. I have come to learn that I absolutely LOVE public transportation and trying to find my way around a big city. Once arriving at the hotel, a friend and I walked around the city for a couple hours to take in the sights and get to know the city. As soon as we walk into the streets an older gentlemen invites the two of us for Turkish tea and tells us a little about his life. Everyone I have come across so far has been nothing but kind and generous! I had my first Turkish meal tonight and it was delicious: Iskender kebabs complete with apple tea…yum!!!!

I do have to admit that as I reflect on the day and my hours of experience in this country I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. This is the first time I have traveled to another country without knowing anything about the language. I learned my first word ‘hello’ on the plane ride over here and already I am feeling so far behind. Every time ei have traveled before I at least had thew comfort of fluently speaking the language or knowing the basic along with the context of the history. This journey will be quite a different challenge to say the least.

Iyi aksamlar!!! (good evening)