Tonight was the last night in the village and it ended with a dinner and dance celebration with the families. These past couple of days in the village have been a great experience where İ made connections and learned a great deal about many things in life.  The family İ have been staying with is so adorable and İ am happy that İ was placed into their home. This is going to be short since İ am tired and need to sleep and we have a long bus ride back to İstanbul, but İ wanted to mention something quickly that was quite funny. Since this was our last day in the village, we said goodbye to the kids in the school and were reciporacted with hugs, i love yous, and requests for autographs and facebook pages, . İt was soooo cute that these kids wanted our signatures! Anyway, İ should be off to bed to sleep the last night in this village. İ have a letter for my host family in turkish to thank them for everything, which was made possible by google translator haha. İ do hope they can get the point since its not always 100 perecent correct.

Tomorrow….back to İstanbul and the last offical day of the study abroad program!

Missing everyone!