So…last day in Istanbul and it has been quite an adventurous last 48 hours. Since I am cramped in a tiny room with 2 sets of bunk beds I am going to touch on the highlights of the days. Last night, I saw what a Turkish club looked like and they were playing English hip hop and all the girls were dressed as those in America. I have been so overwhelmed with the conservative view of turkey this entire time that it was shocking to see a liberal portion of it. When I wasn’t taking care of my friends (haha) I did think a lot abotheory differences going on, but I also tried not to focus on it too much since an entire country can not be so conservative. It’s just amazing all the aspecS and differences going on in Turkish culture all at once. It was quite crazy thWaugh that we ended up there. A friend I was with started speaking to thiswoman at a bar and she invited us to go out…..and we did lol. So, we head to this club where she pays for us to enter and we sit in the VIP area , all the while we are dressed in t-shirts and dirty jeans from traveling.come to find out….this woman is a famousTurkish singer and we had no idea! She ended up being ahorrible person in the end.

Today, I did some last minute shopping and bought enough apple tea to last me for awhiwe and some gifts for those near and dear to me! In the evening the five of us ventured to a Turkish bath and for many of us,including me, it was our first experience. Stepping into the bath areas was quiteuncomfortable and it really took some time to relax and be ok with the idea of being naked in front of so many other women! In the end, it did end up being relaxing and I had a head massage and facial and now my skin is super smooth haha. I did pamper myself there :).  Tnight, I am staying in my first hostel and tomorrow morning we head to the airport around 5am to make our way to Greece. Yay!