Another beautiful and adventurous day in Athens! I am continually amazed by the complexity and rarity that this city holds between the winding streets. I have so many thoughts running through my mind during the day as I walk the streets that I can only hope I will remember them now to share. Jessica and I began our day by making our way to Acropolis and making several detours of the way.As note for any future travelers to Athens: on Sunday the majority of the ancient ruins are free admission. So, make Sunday your sightseeing day to save money! Each tie is about 2 euros and can rapidly add up.  We saw the caves of Zeus, worship areas for Aphrodite, the stadium for the Olympics, several ancient open theaters and so many other things that it’s hard to remember the names! It was so nice to just wander the city and continually come across beautifully sculpted ruins. I am amazed at the architect and continually wondered how everything I was built. I tried to read as many information stands as possible to learn the history, but they seem to never answer all thquestion sons bouncing in my head. In the early evening we stopped at a beautiful catholic church and I lit my first prayer candle and prayed for my dad. He is so important to me that I wanted my prayer to be to watch over him :). It started to sprinkle and the air begin to smell so refreshing. We decided to stop and relax and have a cup of coffee while we relaxedand watched the rain.

In the evening, Jessica and I had dinner on a terrace with a fantastic view of the acropolis lit up in lights. We shared a plate of gyros and fried zucchini and it was delicious! Afterwards, we walked the streetson a mission to locate 11 buildings that were housing the components of the Design Walk 2012′. Sadly, we were only able to locate acouplesincemanny shut  down earlier then expected. From there we once again wandered the streets, whicinto this citywill always lead you somewhere different since the streets wrap around like amaze. We ended up finding a bar where two men were singing live witha guitar and piano. We sat down and had a drink and just soaked up the music. The atmosphere was so relaxing. The entire floor wasfilled with carnations and the customers had them on the tables as well and would periodically throwa handful in the air towards the singers once the song was finished. From what I could decipher with my observations this seemed to be a custom for shaping appreciation. I really enjoyed the location and the band and just kept envisinning that it was the perfect place to take someone special,share a bottle of wine, hold hands and just listen to the music together. It really wasquitethe romantic place…..I loved It!

I am extremely exhausted today and wish that my mind could remember all the question and questions that ranthrough my mind all day. Maybe, just maybe I will try jotting it down throughout the day so I can expand on it further in the evening. Off to bed….I’m not sure what the plan is tomorrow. We shall see!!! 🙂