Traveling always causes me toponder life and think about where I am and where I wAnt to be. I guess I did a lot of that today as I roamed the streets of Athens. We did a lot of walking today, but didn’t really see many Sites. We saw. Church at the highest point in the city, but it was so windy that we didn’t stay long. Afterwards, we attempted to visit a pier, but by the time we were about a mile away it started pouring rain and we headed back. Had some dinner near the hotel and tried a fruity beer and then one mixed with lemonade…it was interesting? I don’thaany any details to comment on today….I guess I was in a really pensive moodtoday.

Life…relationships….future….ache….too much of that on my mind now.

One more full day in Greece tomorrow, I think we will be visiting some museums.