Today has been a very interesting daydespite the actual ‘tourist’ things that we did. Honestly, I really enjoy spending time doing things the locals do to really gets feel of the cUlture. Weltoday daytime initial plan was to visit the modern art museum and the archeological museum. We heard that there would be protests today and that many things would be shut down, but we really didn’t think much of it so we began our day. The fiarm metro stoBree exited on happened to be the meeting spot for the protestors and it was absolutely amazing. Words can barley describereheat it was like to be one the midst of individuals fighting for whthey’d ad believe in. I was in absolutely chills from the respect I had for thone people’s citing for their rights. I was so surprised how organized snd the evil they were during the entir thing. I really felberry proud of the Greek people for what they were doing. Later, I found out that the government was voting on numerous issues ncluing minimum wage cuts andpublic transportation: two very important things in this city! I made sure to document with videos and picures since this really is aart of history. I need to mato sure to buy a newspaper tomorrow sothat I can read all about it and havehue the future. It really was amazing and much better then e typical tourist things since I was a part ofweculture and first hand experstruggles view of their struggles.

Since everyone was closed due to the strike we decided to do e next best thing and shop until the sun came down! Haha. Afterwards we came back to the hotel and had dinner then spent the evening playing cards while drinking g wine. It was so great to come together with travelersfor a arou d e world and just talk, drink, and laugh all together in the middle ofathens!

Tomorrow we fly out tomistNbul to stay the night and then back to the US where I will stay a nit in new York and then back to Kansas the 10th. It’s been a great adventure so far and a part of me is ready to be home and to figUre some things out. Our flight is in the evening so we might try To hit the museums before hand.

Night everyone and I will see my loved soon soon!