I am sitting in the Athens airport waiting to board my flight to Istanbul for one last night there before heading back to the states. Today we were able to visit two of the museums in Athens, which I found really interesting. The first museum i visited was the museum for contemporary art and the exhibits were fascinating. The first exhibits as a ‘novel’ of paintings-5 Chapters total, along witha self made movie.The painter was a very interesting individual and created the story of his ‘novel’ as a fictional character analyzing his life. Near the end of his life he secluded himself to his home for several years until he died. The second exhibit was my favorite and was centraled around the idea of writing. The artist used her favorite novels, poems, and stories andincorporated them into paintings by using the words. It was just so fascinating, I think I enjoyed that particular exhibit so much because it combined writing and painting in one. After that museum we went to the archeological museum, but we’re only able to spend a little over an hour since it closed so early. During that time I was able to see several pieces from the gods temples and statues of Zeusand Poseidon. I was amazed that a lot of the statues were discovered underwater!

Our flight from Athens to Istanbul was smooth, apart from the lady behind me that kept yelling at me in Greek to put up my chair. I ignored her because it’s my right to put back my seat in the inch of space, PLUS she did have an entire row to herself so she could have easily moved her lazy Butt over. It was a weird feeling stepping back into Istanbul, a kind of relief. I guess I have gotten comfortable with this country and the language sounded so poetic after hearing Greek and not even knowing one word haha. I guess it happens though if you spend a good amount of time somewhere you really grow fond of it.

Afternoon flight tomorrow to new York city and then home sweet home Friday. 🙂