I want grains of gold
Sifting through my fingertips
As my toes submerge in the salty sea.
My eyes wandering towards glistening diamonds
On mountain tops
With flurrying snowflakes
Descending to my eyelids.

I yearn for a fluent tounge
With exotic words
Hindi, Sinhalese, Punjabi…
Interacting with beautiful women
As their sari’s cover their midnight hair
And I learn of their simple life.

I hold my camera
And look through the lens of life,
Capturing the beauty of the world,
Of tribal nations,
Indian ceremonies,
Asian gods, and
Primitive people.

The world is out there for me
To explore,
To inquire,
To learn of, and
To discover,
And I will take in as much as I can.

(I wrote this poem in high school)