India, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Greece…
are not just far away places for me,
but rather memories, temporary homes, and desires
that are forever imprinted in my heart.

I miss the busy traffic of Mumbai,
pani puri in the streets,
wedding music on the weekends,
and the constant stream of colors and lights
down every alley.

I miss the sweet aroma and taste of apple tea,
Sahlep on a cold and snowy afternoon,
the hospitality of every Turk
and the value of family that runs so deep.

I miss the cobble streets framed by
cathedrals, castles, and kingdoms of the past,
Tapas every afternoon,
and the sound of flamenco as the clock strikes midnight.

I miss the constant sound of spanish,
Tacos Al Pastor in the street,
pan y dulces everywhere,
and the joy of sun, sand, and pyramids.

I miss being surrounded by ancient ruins,
stories of Zeus, Poseidon, and Aphrodite,
the view from the Acropolis,
graffite in the streets,
and getting lost in wonder.

My soul craves travel, adventure, and knowledge
from experiences around the world
and no matter how often or far I go,
this heart will always desire more.